More flexibility in Overtime options, coming soon

One of the most requested updates to the WhosOffice platform from our users was the ability to extend the functionality of the Overtime feature. Although Overtime has been a part of the platform since it's inception, customers wanted more from this area of the system, so, we have delivered an update to the Overtime area which will help many of our customers, as well as fitting with our ethos that "everything should change nothing".

When setting up an Overtime type within the system, administrators will see two new options under the "Reimbursement" setting, "Allowance, by lookup" and "Paid, by lookup". You still have the option of reimbursing staff members using a flat rate for the overtime type, but if you want to specify in more detail the different rates and reimbursement amounts, the two new options are for you.

Overtime types
  • Allowance, by lookup
    Using this option allows you to specify the exact amount of allowance time to be given back when overtime is worked. So, for example if a staff member works 4 hours overtime, you may want to give them back 0.75 days allowance (instead of working out time x rate), but if a staff member works 5 hours you may want to give back a whole day.
    Overtime allowance rates
  • Paid, by lookup
    This option works in the same way as the allowance, by lookup option, but, instead of granting allowance back to the staff member, will build up a record of paid overtime for reporting purposes.
    Overtime paid rates

The list you can build is infinite and is presented to the staff member as a list of specific options when submitting overtime requests, which allows you to control the amount of overtime worked so that you only offer overtime in blocks of 2, 4, 6, or 10 hours, as well as specifying the exact amount of reimbursement to give back.

What this looks like in reality

Check out the screenshots below showing the "Submit Overtime" function both online and via the iOS app. As you can see, the options made available for submission are presented to the staff member when they prepare their submission.


Submit Overtime - Online application


iOS App


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Title: More flexibility in Overtime options, coming soon
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