Service updates for January 2018

We have published a few updates to the WhosOffice platform following feedback from our customers.

The following updates were published along with general platform updates on the 7th January 2018 between 0700 GMT and 1000 GMT.

Work & Leave - Team Views

When viewing more than one Group on any of the Work, Leave or Combined Work & Leave Team Views (Excluding Daily Views or Calendar Views) you are now able to view Staff 'Grouped' by their Default Groups, giving you a more detailed insight as to which Group/ Team they are in, when looking across multiple Groups.

Work Planner – Show Extras

There is now a Multi Selector option for choosing Leave, Events and Overtime on the Work Planner. This lets you choose which options you would like to see together. Allowing you to see Leave, Events or Overtime information that is important to you whilst planning your staff work.

Password Security

Password security is paramount, and to keep up with the ever changing requirements we have made an update to the Password criteria. Full details of our updated password policy can be found at :


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Title: Service updates for January 2018
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