By using Permissions you can easily manage what people in the organisation can do within WhosOffice

Once you have created a ROLE - you can then assign permissions to the ROLE. Users/Staff are asssigned to the ROLES via the User Administration area.

The default ROLES on initial setup are ADMINISTRATION, APPROVER and STAFF



  • Calendar Feed  -  Allows people with this role to setup and subscribe to their own calendar feeds. (can include the Groups that they can see)
  • Staff Reports - Allows people with this role to access reports.


  • View Work - Access the Work views for the groups that they can see.
  • Work Planner - Access and use the Work Planner - [including Read Only Option] - Additional permission to this allows people with access to the Planner the ability to maintain their own work schedule.
  • Work in past, after leave booked? - Allows the user to plan / adjust work in the past when leave has been booked.
  • Pattern Codes - Access and administer Pattern Codes - [including Read Only Option]
  • Work Patterns - Access and administer Work Patterns - [including Read Only Option]
  • Work Attributes - Access and administer Work Attributes - [including Read Only Option]


  • View/Request leave - Access the Leave views for the groups they can see and request leave for themselves.
  • View Pending leave - Access to view/approve/decline any Pending leave for staff members who they are set to approve leave for.
  • Leave Admin - Allow users to Manage and Request leave on behalf of the Staff in the GROUPS they can see.
  • Leave Admin (For Approvers) - Allows users to Manage and Request leave on behalf of the Staff that they APPROVE FOR.
  • Leave Types - Access to administer the Leave Types - [including Read Only Option]
  • Allowance Pots - Access to administer the Allowance Pot names - [including Read Only Option]
  • Leave Policies - Access to administer the Leave Policies - [including Read Only Option]
  • User Leave Allowances - Access to administer user Leave Allowances - [including Read Only Option]


  • View Events - Allows access to view the Events Calendars for the user's Group or Region
  • Events - Access to administer the Events - [including Read Only Option]


  • View/Request overtime - Access  to request overtime, and view their own overtime records.
  • View Pending overtime - Access to view/approve/decline any pending overtime for staff members for whom they are set to approve for - [including Read Only option]
  • Overtime Admin -  Allow users to register overtime on behalf of the Staff in the GROUPS they can see.
  • Overtime Admin (for Approvers) - Allow users to register overtime on behalf of the staff members they are set to approve for.
  • Overtime Types  - Access to administer Overtime Types - [including Read Only option]


Options to allow access to Administer and / or set as Read Only the following:

  • Company Alerts, Regions, Groups, User Management, User Roles, Rules, Company Details, Invoicing and Payments.

Title: Permissions
Category: General
Posted: Monday, 08th Dec 2014
By: Phil Cross
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