We are pleased to announce a number of new features and updates coming to WhosOffice shortly. These features are currently undergoing final testing within our team and will therefore be available shortly. Each update is listed below.

New features and updates

New Report: Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a way of measuring absenteeism within a company workforce. Using the reporting feature within WhosOffice allows you to build a bespoke Bradford Factor report based on the following inputs:

  • Group or Individual
  • Leave type(s) (One or many, useful if you have several Sick based leave types)
  • Dates (Either year on year reports, or a custom date range)
  • Leave Status (Pending, Approved or Any)

A report will be shown (similar to the below screenshot), detailing the number of "# Shifts" affected by the leave, # Instances of leave within the date range specified, along with the Bradford Score. This report along with all other reports can be printed, or exported to .CSV or .XLSX formats.

Bradford Factor reporting

New Report: Allowance Usage

This report will allow to see the % of leave taken, along with the allowance amount based on the following inputs:

  • Group or Individual
  • Leave pot
  • Dates (Either year on year, or a custom date range)
  • Leave Status (Pending, Approved or Any)

New Report Option: Policy Report - Next Run Forecast

For those customers making use of Leave Policies within WhosOffice, you now have the option to run a report based on the policy that will detail what will happen when the policy next runs. A useful tool when setting up your policies or adding staff to existing policies.

The report will detail all of the information from within the Leave Policy setup, including staff member details, service length (at the time the policy would run), allowance adjustments, opening, remaining and carryover balance adjustments, as well as any notes relating to each staff members record that will be affected (if applicable).

To make use of this feature, when building a report within the "Reports > Leave policy reports", select the Report type "Next Run Forecast".

New Feature: Bulk book leave

For those users with access to administer leave on behalf of their teams, you will notice a new option under the Leave menu. This will allow you to select a group you manage and book leave on their behalf.

When booking leave with this function, you will have the same options as if you were using the request leave for an individual function, such as the duration options: All day, Specified times, Greater than one day, and Greater than one day between times.

The system will show you how much allowance adjustments will be made (if applicable) to each staff member, along with any errors/warnings before you confirm the booking process.

At the time of confirming the bulk booking you will have the option to supply leave notes that will be recorded against the staff members' leave record.

New Feature: Bulk leave admin

As well as the new feature above, users with correct permissions will also be able to cancel any leave requests made in bulk. From the Leave menu, simply select the "Bulk Leave Admin" option.

The cancellation process works in the same way as if you were to cancel the leave records individually.

Update to feature: Importing Public Holidays

For those companies who use the Import Events feature on WhosOffice, you will notice a small change if you were to import from locations such as the United States of America or United Kingdom.

Whereas previously you would have been provided with the option to import all events covering the country as a whole, you now have the extra option to filter the public holidays by state.

Minor updates and tweaks

All reports - exporting

When you build a report through the "General Staff Reports" function you are now presented with the option to Export your report to .CSV or .XLSX along with the Print option.