Set the parameters your team plays by

Make the rules - and then choose when to break them

Structure is important in any company, but the recipe for success can fluctuate throughout the year.

WhosOffice integrates rules and restrictions that enable you to set flexible staffing levels, based on current demand. By putting parameters in place, your company can prevent under-staffing issues, and ensure that the right number of relevant team members are scheduled for every shift.


Create a flexible framework

Some rules will apply all year around, and others will only apply in certain circumstances. WhosOffice enables you to enforce regulations when they matter most, so you can:

  • Ensure minimum staffing requirements at all times
  • Set ground rules for who can and can’t take the same days off
  • Select who can see, make and break your regulations

You can choose which days, weeks and months of the year to enforce all restrictions, so that peak trading periods aren’t compromised by staff availability.


Manage rules and restrictions for your groups of staff

Avoid schedule clashes

Calendar conflicts are a major issue within many busy organisations. By planning shifts through WhosOffice, you can put guidelines in place that mean critical team members are never off at the same time.

WhosOffice contains sophisticated scheduling features, such as creating custom rules for departments, teams and individuals; setting minimum and maximum staffing requirements for each shift; and ignoring working time when a new rule is applied.

Manage accruals and carryovers

With WhosOffice, senior staff can create groups that are governed by certain regulations, choosing whether or not these groups are visible to everyone.

Through these groupings, you can manage people more effectively – controlling policies such as how much holiday staff are entitled to, how much time off in lieu they can accrue, and whether they can carry over unused leave to the next year. 


Our shift planning software is perfect for...

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