Serving up a superior customer experience

Shift planning software for entertainment & hospitality

In the entertainment & hospitality sector, the customer comes first. However, to give the customer a great experience, you need to get your staffing right.

Schedule the kings (and queens) of the customers

WhosOffice takes the stress out of shift planning for hospitality & entertainment companies. Our platform simplifies scheduling, so you can easily visualise staff working times and know the right ratio of people are on shift each day.

With WhosOffice, you can share the latest rota with team members at the click of a button, and staff can see who’s working alongside them for each shift. You can also share open shift opportunities, giving eligible team members the chance to earn overtime.

The best thing about WhosOffice is that it’s not just a shift planning platform; it also features an integrated leave management tool. This way, you only schedule workload based on who is available, and you can monitor how much leave or TOIL your team members have accrued.

Plan the right staffing mix for every shift

A perfectly run shift isn’t just about having enough hands on deck; you need the right combination of people for things to flow smoothly.

WhosOffice’s hospitality scheduling software allows you to break down your needs shift by shift, so you can decide exactly how many people you require according to their role, skills and seniority level.

And when you get the balance right, you can create and duplicate shift pattern templates to build hospitality rosters in minutes – taking the pain out of employee scheduling without compromising on customer service.

Balance workload during busy times

One of the biggest challenges hospitality companies face is running a tight ship when things are busy. If you’re preparing for a major event like a wedding or conference, or large bookings during a peak trading period such as Christmas, you may need to bring temporary staff on board. Suddenly, managing your workforce becomes much more complex.

WhosOffice’s hospitality management software empowers businesses to optimise staffing during busy moments. For example, you can set minimum employee numbers for every shift, incorporating temps and contract staff into your bank of people to roster. And you can put rules in place so that new recruits must always work alongside experienced permanent staff.

You can also allocate workload fairly using WhosOffice’s hospitality and event task management feature, which allows you to create a core set of responsibilities for each shift.

Decide which tasks can be completed by contract workers and which must be overseen by regular employees, and share workload via the WhosOffice mobile app – so staff can refer to their task list on-the-move.


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Camden Town Brewery

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Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in California, with operations in countries around the world. In 2010 it merged with Live Nation to become Live Nation Entertainment.

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