Flawless shift planning and people management

WhosOffice takes the hard work out of employee scheduling, so you get the right staff mix for every single shift.

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Optimise staffing levels to find the perfect productivity balance.

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Team Leaders / Managers

Cut the time it takes to fill staffing gaps and manage annual leave.

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Employees / Staff Members

See exactly when you're working, wherever you are, at any time.

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Employee Scheduling Made Simple

Dynamic shift planning

Right people, right plan, right results

WhosOffice empowers people to work at their best, so you can increase productivity and generate more profit.

  • See who's scheduled to work at-a-glance
  • Easily integrate multiple shift patterns
  • React quickly to last minute changes
  • Access your dashboard online or via mobile app

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Mobile shift overview for staff members
WhosOffice, shift planning and people management
Integrated people management

Build a harmonious company culture

Easy-to-use leave management and communication tools mean you can coordinate every aspect of your workforce.

  • Synchronise holiday requests with work schedules
  • Record how much TOIL staff have accrued
  • Share the latest schedules with team members
  • Create alerts for open shift opportunities

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Mobile Staff Scheduling

Whenever, wherever

Always on the go? Whether you’re using your mobile, tablet or desktop computer, WhosOffice’s employee scheduling software delivers reliable people planning experiences any time, anywhere.

Push notifications through WhosOffice mobile applications
Templated Shift Patterns

Smart Employee Scheduling

Create employee schedules and build team rotas in minutes. Use WhosOffice to avoid conflicts, select skill sets, set staffing levels, manage tasks and get the right mix of people day-in, day-out with our agile shift planning technology.

Reliable Shift Planning Software

Why Choose WhosOffice?

Trusted by internationally recognisable brands, WhosOffice’s feature-packed software takes the time and stress out of manual staff scheduling. Easily build employee schedules and overcome scheduling errors - from late shift changes and last minute tasks, to employee absences and calendar conflicts - even when you’re on the go.

Employee scheduling software

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Manage your people through one
central dashboard

Don't waste time on multiple systems and spreadsheets; with WhosOffice employee scheduling software you can run all your people management and shift planning requirements through one dashboard. Use these built-in features to take the hard work out of scheduling workload:

Shift planning

Shift planning

Optimise staffing levels to ensure you’re never over-staffed or caught short

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Rules and restrictions

Rules & restrictions

Create requirements based on qualifications, skills & overtime rates

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Categorise staff by seniority & skill with visible and private groupings

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Customise access by management level and record staff information

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Leave management


Integrate holidays, TOIL and sickness to avoid clashes

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Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Mobile apps

View your dashboard on Android and iOS devices

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Reporting and exporting


Run customised analysis of work, leave and overtime

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Friendly support team


Our friendly team are here to help around the clock

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You're in good company

World-wide brands trust WhosOffice

We're the engine behind some of the biggest global names. Take a look at some of our customer stories.

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery

ITV Studios

ITV Studios


Norwegian Cruise Lines

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See how WhosOffice improves employee scheduling
in your industry

From non-profit and healthcare to leisure and retail, WhosOffice delivers major scheduling improvements across a diverse range of sectors. See how our shift planning and people management software will help you meet your goals.

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