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People management software for education

Educational institutions are used to getting the most out of students, but what about staff? You need to know that the curriculum is running like a well-oiled machine to get the best results.

An A* solution to staff planning challenges

WhosOffice is an effective staff planning solution for teachers and educators in schools, colleges and universities.

Our people management platform works alongside timetabling tools to schedule workload based on staff availability and contract types. It also enables you to set the agenda for administrative and operational employees, in addition to teaching staff.

WhosOffice is also useful for scheduling strategic activities such as meetings and performance reviews, ensuring key personnel are available to attend.

Keep your classes running smoothly

Even the most talented teachers find their capabilities compromised if they can’t concentrate on their classroom job. And all too often, administration and logistics get in the way of providing a good education. /p>

WhosOffice’s education shift planning software makes sure your entire workforce is in the right place at the right time for internal meetings and development initiatives. It’s the perfect complement to your academic timetabling software, to keep classes running smoothly and cultural school programmes making progress.

Plus, WhosOffice supports shift planning for non-teaching staff such as administrators, facilities management, maintenance teams, groundskeepers and catering. To manage resources cost-effectively while creating a welcoming, fulfilling and safe school environment.

Plan holiday and school event staffing

While school is a term-time-only for pupils, your institution is running all year round. But timetabling software won’t help you track staffing requirements for extra-curricular events and school holidays.

With WhosOffice’s school management software you can keep your site running 365 days a year. Our platform gives you advanced educational shift planning capabilities such as:

  • Scheduling non-pupil days such as staff insets and teacher training days
  • Rostering teachers to manage educational trips and extra-curricular activities – so you get right pupil/staff ratio and events don’t always fall to the same few staff members
  • Managing schedules and annual leave for non-academic staff such as reception teams, finance, marketing, catering and facilities management
  • Marking public holidays like Bank Holidays where all staff are entitled to time off and the school may need to close

Using year-round educational shift planning tools is particularly useful for residential and boarding schools, where your non-academic responsibilities are just as important as seamless academic timetabling.

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