Keep close track of staff overtime

Ensure extra effort works in your favour

Our overtime management is part of WhosOffice’s back office and employee management software. Designed and developed to make your overtime management easier than ever, WhosOffice increases productivity and takes all of the hard work out of your otherwise lengthy processes, allowing you to run all your people management, including employee scheduling requirements through one application. Get in touch with our helpful team to find out more, or arrange a one-on-one demo right here.

Staff Overtime Management Software

Encouraging overtime is a great way to fill staffing gaps while helping employees increase their earnings. But managed ineffectively, it can really drain your profit margin.

WhosOffice empowers companies to keep close track of overtime hours. Use our platform to set rules on the number of extra shifts that people can work, and whether they are reimbursed or accrue time off in lieu.


Overtime that works for everyone

Assigning overtime isn’t always a ‘one size fits all’ process. WhosOffice allows you to customise the types of overtime that you offer, and who is entitled to work extra shifts.

  • Choose who can work paid overtime and who receives TOIL
  • Create set processes for approving overtime requests
  • Send alerts to employees when additional shifts become available
  • Align shift data with payroll for accurate overtime payments

Any time off in lieu accrued can be automatically added to employees’ allowances using our built-in leave management tool.

Overtime rules and restrictions
Easy overtime approvals from our dedicated apps

Structure - without the rules

By switching to WhosOffice shift planning software, you can create as many different overtime types as you need, specifying rates for each category. You’re not forced to make overtime fit a pre-existing set of rules.

When you’ve created your structure, set how each type of overtime is reimbursed – choosing payment or time off in lieu – and which groups of staff are entitled to work.

Easy approvals and reporting

WhosOffice is designed to make overtime transparent and easy to manage. Develop your own sign-off structure for any overtime requests, with multi-approver options available. By creating a clear process, you’ll be confident that data is correct when it’s sent through to payroll. 

You can also use WhosOffice reporting tools to review all overtime worked across a certain team or period of time, to see who is free when additional shifts need covering. 


Our overtime management software is perfect for...

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