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Shift planning and people management software for healthcare organisations

When someone’s health – or even life – is at stake, you need to ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time. People management is critical to the healthcare industry, in order to put patient wellbeing first.

The antidote to shift planning headaches

WhosOffice offers effective shift planning tools for NHS hospitals, healthcare organisations and private hospitals, to ensure the ideal mix of people are available every single shift.

As our software is cloud-based, it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection – meaning staff across multiple departments and buildings can see their own schedule and who else is available at any point in time.

WhosOffice takes the stress out of scheduling rotas by integrating leave management into our shift planning software. This way, you can see exactly who can work, and share overtime opportunities among relevant team members.


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Providing a world class service for ART professionals. Working in partnership, we are pooling our scientific expertise, collaborating with experts and key opinion leaders, and offering a portfolio of innovative products, services, training and workshops that support the ART process.

The Cedars Surgery (SKCCCG)
The Cedars Surgery (SKCCCG)

The Cedars is situated on Deal seafront overlooking the famous English Channel, the busiest shipping lane in the world. Moving from an old Edwardian house in the town in 1999, it now occupies the site of the Old Royal Marines Swimming Pool.

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