Tasks done, by the right team, at the right time

Ensure your staff fulfil their duties and responsibilities

You've taken the time to ensure the right team are working - now you need to make sure they're performing the tasks you want done.

WhosOffice provides you with the tools to set out tasks you require completing, and by staff members with matching competency levels.

Task planner overview

Get it done, right!

WhosOffice allows you to quickly build your task requirements, then presents staff members who meet those requirements for the days you require, at the times you need them.

  • Build your task requirements easily
  • Specify how many staff of each skillset you require
  • Quickly assign staff to tasks
  • Work, Leave, Events and Overtime are already integrated
  • Staff receive instant updates to their mobile devices
  • Days can quickly be duplicated up to 31 days, allowing you to save more time

Tasks requiring attention

Spot any shortages in staff

WhosOffice will show you any skill shortages you have throughout the day, allowing you to draft in extra support as and when you need it.

Tasks overview on staff members phone

Staff know, at anytime

There is no need to post task sheets in the office, or memos to staff. WhosOffice shows staff members their assigned tasks on their mobile devices as well as when they login to their online accounts.

Teams like working together on tasks

Teams can see plans for days and weeks in advance so they are not constantly asking management what's happening.

Task planner overview

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