Plan the perfect shift, every time

Take the hard work out of scheduling workload

Our work schedules is part of WhosOffice’s back office and employee management software. Designed and developed to make your work schedules easier than ever, WhosOffice increases productivity and takes all of the hard work out of your otherwise lengthy processes, allowing you to run all your people management, including employee scheduling requirements through one application. Get in touch with our helpful team to find out more, or arrange a one-on-one demo right here.

Shift Planning & Scheduling Software

A goal without a plan is just a wish - and a workforce without a rota is just a crowd.

WhosOffice is a dynamic shift planning tool, designed to simplify the way you schedule workload. Whether you're operating regular office hours or complex shifts and rotas, we'll help you get the right staff mix for every single shift.


Right people, right plan, right results

WhosOffice simplifies the shift planning process. Through our online platform, you can set the right staffing levels every day, to ensure you’re never caught short.

  • Build your team rota in minutes
  • Plan by demand, competency, skill and seniority
  • See shift counts and total assigned hours at-a-glance
  • Integrate annual leave and TOIL to avoid calendar conflicts

Use our software to pre-build pattern codes in as many different combinations as you need, to create staff rotas quickly and easily.

You can plan as far ahead as you need, forecasting months into the future for complete visibility of all your staffing requirements, based on upcoming demand. 

Map shifts and schedules

Fill any gaps quickly and easily

WhosOffice makes it easy to share staff schedules and find the right people to fill any gaps.

New rotas can be distributed to individuals or teams at the push of a button. You can also use our ‘open shifts’ feature to notify employees when overtime opportunities become available. 

Set your own work patterns and codes

Make changes in a matter of seconds

The business world never stands still. WhosOffice enables completely flexible, demand-based planning, so you can quickly change working schedules in unforeseen circumstances.

Any user with planning-level access can swap and adjust shifts, updating rotas with minimal stress and disruption. 


Our shift planning software is perfect for...

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