Key company data at your fingertips

Analyse, learn and improve with instant insights

When you’re down in the detail, it’s not easy to step back and see the bigger picture.

WhosOffice gives you immediate access to useful reporting tools, so you can analyse data and export key findings to share with the wider team. All reports are exportable in CSV/XLSX format, ready for emailing or printing.


General staff reports

WhosOffice features a comprehensive choice of general staff reports, which can be pulled by individual employee, team/group, or across the whole company. Options include:

  • Work summaries and breakdowns
  • Overtime summaries and breakdowns
  • Leave summaries and breakdowns – including cancelled & declined leave requests and Bradford Factor scores
  • Staff leave allowances and usage
  • Staff directories
  • Skills and competencies


Staff yearly reports

Yearly staff reports

Delve into the detail of a selected year, to view staff performance and inform decisions such as promotions and annual bonuses.

  • Activity summaries
  • Leave breakdown
  • Allowance log

Leave summary reports

Understand the impact of annual leave on company productivity to inform your future policies.

  • Historical leave transactions
  • Future forecasts 


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