Leave calculator

Use the calculator below to work out how much leave/holiday allowance your staff are legally entitled to.

Q. How many days per week does the staff member work?


Q. How many days does a full time member of staff work per week?


Q. What's the annual entitlement for a full time employee?

28 days

Q. Is this staff member starting part way through the year?


Q. What date are they starting?

Q. Is this staff member leaving part way through the year?


Q. What date are they leaving?

The holiday entitlement for the year is

This is only a guide, we recommend you carry out your own calculations according to the contractual laws within your own country/company, some items to consider are:

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As an employer, you:

  • can include bank and public holidays as part of the entitlement
  • must not round down the holiday entitlement, but may round it up
  • must provide holiday pay during the statutory leave
  • can provide more paid holiday - this will be in the employment contract and is called ‘contractual leave entitlement’

How does it work?

We have assumed that your company holiday year starts 1st January 2024 and ends on the 31st December 2024.

There is a statutory minimum for the amount of annual leave that a team member is entitled to. In the UK, this minimum is 5.6 weeks.

This works out as 28 days for a full time, 5-days-a-week team member: 5 x 5.6 = 28 (Note: this can include bank holidays and national holidays).

Part time employees are entitled to the same amount of holiday pro rata. For example, if a team member works 3 days per week this would amount to 17 days’ allowance (3 x 5.6 = 16.8). Legally these holiday allowances must be rounded up (not down) to the nearest day.

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