Shift Pattern Generator

Reduce the amount of time spent on creating shift patterns & rotas with our simple & free shift pattern generation tool.
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Create and compare shift patterns

The flexible working revolution means more companies than ever are abandoning the traditional 9-5 day for a shift-based approach. But while there are huge benefits to working in shifts, you need to find the right rostering set-up for your staff.

WhosOffice’s free sample shift generator allows you to experiment with different shift patterns in a couple of clicks. Choose your preferred options from the drop down menu and hit ‘generate’ to see a sample shift plan. You can change options as many times as you like.

You can also configure your own custom shift plan to see how many staff you’ll need to meet operational requirements.

Select your start date

Set your duration

Choose your pattern type

--- use the left hand menu to select a popular shift pattern or create your custom pattern ---

Sample generated shift plan

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