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People management software for transport & logistics

The transport sector is always moving forward, and your operational management processes need to keep pace. It’s important to find shift planning tools that enable your team to function as efficiently as possible.

The road to success starts with shift planning

WhosOffice is the perfect shift planning platform for the transport & logistics industry.

Our software works round-the-clock to maximise your operational efficiency, supporting many different types of worker – from regular 9-5 office staff to people on the road, part-time workers, shift workers and temporary staff.

The best thing about WhosOffice is that you can set it up for the way your business works. Customised access means you can give team members the flexibility to manage teams as they know best, while still maintaining an overview of who’s on shift.

Mobile Workforce Management

It’s easy for a fully office-based business to manage their workforce and workload, as everyone’s under the same roof. In an industry that’s constantly on the move, keeping your team on the same page is much more challenging.

WhosOffice is an ideal staff management system for transport companies, as our software is totally cloud-based. All employees need to check their work rota is an online login – and they can even download the WhosOffice staff management app to view their upcoming shifts and manage tasks on-the-go.

Keep your business industry compliant

While other sectors can afford to let staff do overtime, there’s serious consequences when professional drivers exceed their legal limits. WhosOffice transport and logistics scheduling software enables you to track the time being allocated to employees, to keep your company compliant with industry regulations.

Our shift scheduling platform allows you to set rules and restrictions around when, how often and for how long each person works – so you can maintain control over the hours being allocated to each person. And you can also use WhosOffice to distribute overtime fairly, ensuring that every employee is well rested and safe to work again next shift.


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Leeds Bradford International Airport
Leeds Bradford International Airport

Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBIA) is located at Yeadon, in the City of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

The Civil Aviation Authority is the UK's specialist aviation regulator.
Richford Motors
Richford Motors

Richford Motor Services Ltd of Alfreton Derbyshire was established in 1990, providing 24 hour breakdown for lights and commercial vehicles. Over the years Richford Motor Services have established themselves as one of the largest vehicle recovery operators within the UK, operating out of over 9 depots to offer their customers a reliable, consistent and affordable service for all their vehicle needs.

Ballinlough are main Dealers for Thermo King Transport Refrigeration, Dhollandia Tail Lifts and Hyva Cranes in Ireland and are specialists in the FMCG, Fleet Management, Food Distribution, Vehicle Insulation & Pharmaceutical Industries.

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