Build annual leave into your business picture

Avoid calendar clashes and scheduling mistakes by integrating holiday management

Our leave management is part of WhosOffice’s back office and employee management software. Designed and developed to make your leave management easier than ever, WhosOffice increases productivity and takes all of the hard work out of your otherwise lengthy processes, allowing you to run all your people management, including employee scheduling requirements through one application. Get in touch with our helpful team to find out more, or arrange a one-on-one demo right here.

Annual Leave Management Software

Annual leave is great for recharging your batteries – but managing staff holidays can turn into a scheduling nightmare.

WhosOffice empowers companies to coordinate leave requests alongside shift planning, to ensure that vacations do not affect business productivity. Our built-in leave management tools centralise all paid leave requests, time off in lieu, sickness and other absences, for a transparent view of who’s available to work. 


Make better-informed decisions on staff leave

Many companies only realise they’re understaffed at the 11th hour. By integrating leave management with shift planning, WhosOffice provides you with a complete overview of all absences – so you know which gaps you need to fill.

  • Manage requests and approvals through one online system
  • Create custom rules to match your company policies
  • Combine paid and unpaid leave requests, TOIL, sick leave and personal appointments
  • Give everyone in your business visibility of the holiday calendar

All absences are logged centrally, so managers and HR can make informed decisions, based on accurate information about who has already booked time off.


Leave management rules

You set the rules

WhosOffice gives you the flexibility to run leave management your way.

Using our platform, you can customise processes to fit your policies – setting minimum and maximum time off allowances, notice periods and cancellation periods.

You can also create leave policies to match your company contracts, including which types of leave employees can accrue, and whether they can carry time over to a new holiday year.

Leave management on the go


Requesting time off is seamless with WhosOffice – whether employees are on holiday for one day, or bulk booking leave.

The whole process is managed online, ensuring quick, informative and paperless responses. We also offer multi-approval options, so you can decide who’s involved in the chain of command. 


Our leave management software is perfect for...

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