Updates published to the WhosOffice service on 28th September are as follows:

Leave Types

  • Multiple allowance pots
    You now have the option to associate leave types with 0 (none), 1 (one) or multiple allowance pots, specifying which pot is deducted in order. For example, if you allocate staff members with Statuatory Allowance (Paid leave) and also allow them to purchase up to 5 days (Purchased leave), this can be setup within the system so the staff member selects Holiday to request but you see how much Paid and Purchased leave has been allocated/taken.
  • Automatic approvals
    You can now specify that a leave request must go for approval, even if an Approver/Administrator enters leave on the staff members behalf.
  • Allowance deductions without working time
    You can now specify whether the allowance of any leave requests is based on the staff members working time (as is currently) or whether this should be based on the duration of the leave request itself.


  • Limits
    You can now specify limits on overtime whereby staff members can be limited by Week, Month or Year, and whether this limit is set on Requests or Lieu Time.
  • Dashboard
    Overtime entries are now visible on the dashboard for staff members
  • Overtime types
    Colours have now been added to overtime types, allowing you to distinguish between each one
  • Automatic approvals
    You can now specify that an overtime request must go for approval, even if an Approver/Administrator enters overtime on the staff members behalf.
  • Work & Leave Team View / Work & Leave Calendar View
    You can now specify whether you would like to include Overtime on these views, simply check the "Overtime" option on the "View" menu when looking at these screens.

Leave policies

  • New Forecast option
    When setting up leave policies to run on Staff Anniversaries, you now have the option to forecast the rules you have specified. By specifying this option, the system will use the Staff Anniversary date instead of the current date when the policy is run.

Company details / Setup

  • Bulk send welcome message
    Within the company settings/tools area you can now send Bulk Welcome Messages/Invitations to those staff members that have not logged into the service yet. (Please note: This tool is only available to those companies who are NOT using Active Directory on WhosOffice)
  • Customised help message
    If you have specific support channels within your company and you would rather users of the system follow this channel, you can request a specific set of instructions be added to your Help > System Help instead of the Contact Support panel that is shown by default. 


  • Staff yearly report
    Added leave allowances section 

General / User Interface

  • Fixed headers, scrolling, search panels
    We have updated the user interface to allow for large sets of data to be presented on screen whilst still being able to see Column Headings, and table footers (where applicable). On the Work Planner this is particularly useful when making using of the "Manning Level" option, the system will always show you the totals as well as the dates/weekday headings.