Over years of helping companies manage their staff leave all over the world, we’ve experienced different leave policies and regulations that companies / countries must follow. Lots of these rules are very different to our own here in the UK.

But how does an online platform cater for every single different law and regulation that comes with managing staff leave and absence around the world? With granular flexibility, but it’s not possible to manage everything!

France (like many other countries), in our experience have always had very complex rules around when you’re allowed to book leave or even when you get your leave entitlement. Be it monthly accruals or lump sum amounts of entitlement.

One interesting scenario which crops up quite often is the fact that employees in France accrue their time off monthly but can only use the time they have accrued in the following year, for example any allowance accrued during 2018 is actually for use during the year starting in 2019.

So how does WhosOffice answer this question?

Well, using the Leave Policies function within WhosOffice you are able to create an Allowance policy that runs every month, incrementing a selection of users with a set value over a 12 month period. This policy can be setup to affect Next Year’s allowance pot so that your staff are continuously building their Next Year’s entitlement ready for you to use when the New Year starts.

Of course this is just one tiny ripple in what appears to be a big pond. But if managing your staff leave in this way, or something similar, is giving you a headache, then why not try WhosOffice free today.