Public/bank holidays for United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

Use the public holiday lookup tool below to help prepare your business plan for the forthcoming year ahead.

To help your business prepare for 2024, we have put together the following tool to ensure you have all public holidays covered within your business. Whilst most people look forward to planning their leave, for company leaders it can be a logistical challenge to planning your staff leave and work holiday calendar. Legally, whilst you don't have to grant public holidays as additional leave, as employers, you have the choice whether to include Bank Holidays in staff allowances or offer them as extra days off.

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Within United Kingdom, in the region of Northern Ireland, there are 10 public holidays days for 2024. Using WhosOffice, you can quickly import these public holidays into your account and decide whether staff members take them as extra days off, or, are just listed as information only days. See first-hand how our online shift planner can help your business, book your free demo today.

Public holidays for 2024

Mon, 01 Jan
New Year's Day

Mon, 18 Mar
Instead of Sun, 17 Mar
St. Patrick's Day

Fri, 29 Mar
Good Friday

Mon, 01 Apr
Easter Monday

Mon, 06 May
Early May bank holiday

Mon, 27 May
Spring bank holiday

Fri, 12 Jul
Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen's Day)

Mon, 26 Aug
Summer bank holiday

Wed, 25 Dec
Christmas Day

Thu, 26 Dec
Boxing Day

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