Approve Leave via Mobile

When staff members submit leave on WhosOffice, the request is sent off to the assigned Approver(s). Depending on how the leave type is setup, will dictate what level of approval is needed (see Leave Types).

To approve a leave request via the Mobile Application you can do the following;

  • Ensure that you are logged into your WhosOffice account
  • From the Navigation bar at the bottom of the page press "Leave"
  • Then on the resulting page press "Leave Pending Your Approval" (this will highlight a number indicating the amount of pending requests that require your attention).
  • Now press on the required Pending Request

This next page details some basic information regarding the leave request along with any Notes that the staff member may have submitted at the time. 

  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page, press the "Process" drop-down,
  • Using the "Outcome" option, select either "Approve" or "Decline"
  • You then have the oppurtunity to provide any Notes where necessary.

An Email* and Push Notification** will then be sent out to both the Staff Member and Approver on the decision given for that request

*If the leave type is set to require further approval than just one approver, you will be notified on the email that it has been sent for further approval.

**Push notifications enable the user to receive notifications from their mobile application (if downloaded and logged into) but only if the application is not open on the users device, Push Notifications cannot be controlled within WhosOffice and are controlled by the user on their device settings and app permissions.

After dismissing the on-screen confirmation, you will be taken back to the Leave Pending Your Approval screen where you can action further requests where necessary.

Title: Approve Leave via Mobile
Category: Leave
Posted: Tuesday, 05th Mar 2019
By: Callum Ellis
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