Company setup

In Company setup you can change some of your default settings, add branding, or switch off the your whole Company's Emails.


Here you are able to adjust the Company Name and also view your companies Login URL


At no additional cost you can implement branding to your Whosoffice account to make it look and feel like your current corporate scheme, branding is also applied to any PDF's and Emails generated by the system.


Find default setting here for:

  • Language  (Currently only English is supported)
  • Time Zone  (but you can set individual time zones on Users)
  • Date Format
  • Yearly Start Month - This will be applied to new staff members when adding them but you can set this individually on Users if you prefer.
  • Working Week Start - Choose what the first day of your working week is.
  • Working Pattern - Choose the default set of working time to apply to new members of staff, this can be changed later using the Work Planner or can be set differently when adding new staff.
  • Allow Forward Planning - Lets users book past the end of their current set of working time (If no working time as been planned ahead)
  • Time Per Day - The default duration of any leave booked as forward planning (the usual duration of your shifts i.e. 8 hours, 12, hours, 1 day etc)


During setup, its quite useful to be able to disable WhosOffice system emails. Dont forget to Enable when you are ready to go!

New Users

When you are setting up your account it is useful to be able to send everyone within a selected Group a welcome message. The New Users tool will allow you to send any new staff members on the system a Welcome Message notifying them of their login credentials. You can also send existing users who are already using the system a welcome message too.

Active Directory

Link your WhosOffice account with your companies local Intranet using Active Directory allowing your staff to login to the system using their Active Directory credentials.

History (log)

Records any changes made to the Company Default Settings, allowing you to track easier who's making changes and whats being changed.

Title: Company setup
Category: General
Posted: Monday, 24th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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