Manning Levels

Manning Levels in WhosOffice allow you to plan your working time based on demand. You can either setup Manning Levels on days you require a specific number of people to be at work or setup a Min. Group Level Rule which allows you to state that on any given day you need at least 5 people to be at work within a chosen Group (for example).

To setup Manning Levels on a single day you can;

  • From the Work menu click, Work Planner
  • Then use the Show Totals option and click Manning Levels
  • At the bottom of the Work Planner you will see 2 rows appear, Required Staff and Totals.
  • In the Required Staff row you will be able to set the required number of staff you need to have at work on any given day

The Totals row will indicate whether you have met the required number with a distinctive colour;

Red - This will indicate that you are below the required number
Green - Will indicate that you have met that required number
Orange - Will indicate that you are over the required number

To setup Manning Levels by using Rules you can;

  • From the settings menu, click Rules
  • Then click Create New Rule
  • Enter the Rule Name
  • Choose the Rule Type as Group
  • Select the required Group
  • Select Min. Group Level as the Function and then enter the required Level of staff that you need at work on any given day

The Action will let you choose what happens if this Rule is met when staff within this Group are booking Leave. You can either let the system block any leave requests that meet this Rule or let your Approvers decide if staff are allowed to have leave, the approvers will be notified that a request conflicts with this Rule.

Go back to the Work Planner and turn on the Manning Levels option (as seen above), you will then see the level that you have setup using the Rule has been applied to each day of the month and also months in the future.

You can still change the Manning Level on each day using the first method above, even though a Rule has been set.

Manning Levels also allow you to use the Open Shifts tool, this will notify your staff that there is a requirement for work on any given day. For more information on Open Shifts please see the related Knowledge Base article.

Title: Manning Levels
Category: Work
Posted: Thursday, 29th Sep 2016
By: Callum Ellis
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