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Last updated: Tuesday, 12th April 2023
Item / Description Platform(s) Status
Localised time zones

One of the great features of WhosOffice is its ability to handle when companies work across several timezones, however, this can also be a minor issue if a manager of a team travels between time zones.

An update we are currently exploring would see users have the option to show screens such as "Leave - Team view" regardless of time zones.

The current status of this item is "FEASIBILITY", therefore we cannot confirm it will make it to development, only that it is currently being investigated for possible inclusion in an upcoming development cycle.
Ability to save reports

When running reports within WhosOffice we have been provided feedback where users would like the ability to save details of their most regular reports, to save time going forward.

We are currently developing an update whereby individual users can build and save reports within the following areas:

  • General staff reports
  • Leave policy reports
  • HR reports
We will post more as the information and any plans become available to share.
WEB Coming soon
Planned Tasks Report

If your company uses the Task Planner module on WhosOffice you now have an additional report to run to allow you to list all tasks assigned to a selected staff member, from a selected week of the year, for up to 8 weeks.

All Complete & Published
(Jan 2023)
MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

Users now have the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for an additional level of security when accessing their account.

When setting up MFA, users have the option to provide a further level of authentication either by email, or using an Authenticator app on their mobile phones.

All Complete & Published
(Jan 2023)
HR Reporting

If your company uses the HR & document storage module on WhosOffice you now have additional reporting available to you, including:

  • Personnel directory with customisable fields to show, from staff details, to addresses, employment details and more
  • Training & qualifications provides the ability to see records that are either started, completed, expired, archived or have reminders set between two specified dates.
  • Benefits & memberships provides the ability to see records that are either started, ended, archived or have reminders set between two specified dates.
Web Complete & Published
(June 2022)
HR & Document Storage

We have identified the core HR and Document storage features that will be made available to our user base.

We are now working towards scoping the data structure and security requirements surrounding the storage of these new areas. Some examples of information that businesses will be able to record are:

  • Emergency contacts for staff (including Next of Kin)
  • Personnel Information, Date of Birth, Home address etc
  • Benefits & Memberships
  • Training and Certification
  • Company Documents, Staff Documents

As well as the above, we are working towards being able to offer a HR Case Management system to our customers. Which will allow HR teams to raise cases (individually or bulk) and a) track the progress of cases, and b) assign step-by-step workloads in order to assign responsibility to individuals throughout the case life-cycle.

Find out more: HR & document storage
All Complete & Published
(July 2021)

Users (with relevant permissions) will be able to build and submit a schedule of bulk leave entries for a staff member to save time inputting these entries individually.

Some examples are "Every other Wednesday afternoon off for Study leave, for the next 8 weeks", or "Every 3rd Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off for Hospital Appointments, for the next 12 weeks".

WEB Complete &
(June 2020)
Book leave on behalf of staff member via Mobile apps

Notes: Like the online application allows, we are currently investigating the possiblity of booking leave on behalf of other staff members on the mobile devices.

Mobile Complete &
(Late Mar' 2020)
Task Planner

Notes: We are currently working with a customer of the platform to develop a task planner that will allow you to plan task(s) throughout the day (for a given group) based on your skillsets/requirements.

When used your staff members will be able to access a list of the tasks assigned to them on both their online dashboard, as well as on the mobile apps.

Users will be able to use the mobile apps to look forward to upcoming days to see the tasks assigned to them and the intervals throughout the day.

Ref: Task Planning: Tasks done, by the right team, at the right time

All Complete &
(Late Mar' 2020)
Integrations: Identity and Access Management

Notes: We are currently working on a number of Technology Partnerships to allow us to offer alternative login providers to our customers.

This will allow customers to connect their WhosOffice account to industry leading login providers to reduce the number of logins required by end-users.

Find out more about the integrations available within WhosOffice.

Ref: Automate user security with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and WhosOffice
Ref: WhosOffice Platform updates Q1 2020, Bradford Factor, Rules and more

Online Complete &
(Mar' 2020)
More Overtime Options

Notes: Provide customers with the ability to have more control over the overtime options/rates available to their staff.

When submitting overtime, users will be presented with a preset list of durations (as set by their administrator), these durations will be linked to specified rates to pay back, either Paid or Allowance.

Ref: More flexibility in Overtime options, coming soon

All Complete &
(Oct' 2019)
Push notification service

Notes: Provide the ability for push notification on mobile services (Android/iOS).

When submitting leave, approving leave, submitting overtime or approving overtime, push notifications will be sent to the registered devices of the staff members, or approvers, depending on the action.

All Complete &
(Oct' 2019)
Updated UI - Online App

Notes: Navigation positioning and layout improvements, search forms, exporting data options, sticky headers, multiple months in view. All screens/areas affected.

Ref: Updates coming to WhosOffice in June 2019

Online Complete &
(Jun' 2019)
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