From the 2nd of October we are able to offer new customers the chance to test WhosOffice (for FREE!) and provide their feedback to us.

How much will I have to pay?

During the Beta testing period we will not charge to use WhosOffice. If you would like to find out how much WhosOffice is likely to cost your company after the beta testing ends, you can do so by entering your user numbers on the pricing page.

When will the beta test period end?

At present, a date has not been set to end the test period, but check back here as we will post updates about the beta testing on our blog.

How do I provide my feedback to support?

If you have any feedback for the team, send us an email to

What type of feedback would you like?

Initially, we are looking for our beta testers to answer the following:

  • Are there any comments you have on the sign up process, from completing the online form, to signing in for the first time?
  • Did the default set up help you establish your account?
    • We offer a screencast on the first help area, we are thinking of adding more screencasts to help users throughout the system, do you think this would be helpful?
  • Whilst embracing the user interface were you able to find your way around?
  • Did you use the help section and was it helpful?
  • Groups is a very powerful part of the system: 
    • Did you Group staff and segment who they can and cannot see?
    • Were you able to make this work for you?
  • Did you use the work/shift area?
    • How did you find adding pattern codes / work patterns to create schedules?
    • Is the new system able to help you manage your engineers working time via the shift area / work schedules?
  • Is this new system able to help you manage your general staff leave/holiday/vacation?
  • Anything else?