Gen Z Workforce

There’s been a lot of talk about managing Millennials in recent years, but most of this group are now well established into the workplace, with the oldest members soon turning 40.

Now, a younger demographic – Generation Z – is coming of age and entering the workforce. In fact, 32% of the global population is classed as Gen Z, making them a larger (and arguably more influential) group than Millennials. This is the first generation of true digital natives and, as such, their behaviours and needs are totally different to those that are further along the career ladder.

How can employers create a working environment that allows Gen Z employees to thrive, while supporting the requirements of older team members? Here are our thoughts:

Reflect their digital lifestyle in workplace communications

The number one thing that companies need to remember about Generation Z is that using technology is second nature to them. There’s nothing more frustrating to a Gen Z worker than daily processes and structures that are still run through manual or clunky systems.

Digitising as many daily interactions as possible is the quickest way to engage Generation Z. They want to run every aspect of their job online; from checking upcoming shift rotas, to managing annual leave and tracking career progression.

In light of this, the savviest employers are investing in people management technology that combines shift planning software and leave management within a single platform, so that every element of workplace interaction can be managed through one central portal.

Give them instant access to relevant information

Generation Z doesn’t know how to wait to find something out; they’ve grown up in a world where you can google pretty much anything. This is great news for companies, as it means their young staff are proactive in answering their own questions. However, if they can’t get the same instant access to information in return, Gen Z quickly grows frustrated.

People management software can play a huge role in meeting these expectations. In addition to providing useful data such as upcoming shifts, some platforms will help employers to set and manage tasks online, so Generation Z can manage their responsibilities in real-time.

The best shift planning software enables two-way communication, as Gen Z employees can set up a digital dialogue with their managers – for example, applying for open shift opportunities and making holiday requests, as well as receiving updates on their workload and annual leave entitlement.

Put their working world in their hands

Some companies are already using people management technology, and feel that the solution they’ve got covers all their needs. However, Gen Z staff want a consumer-grade experience from their workplace systems, and legacy technology often falls short.

Ideally, employers need people management software that provides an intuitive, smooth user experience – and more often than not, this means finding something mobile-friendly. Remember, 98% of Generation Z owns a smartphone, which they check every 3 minutes on average.

Smartphone compatible shift planning software is the quickest way to engage Generation Z, channelling all workload planning and HR activities through smartphone apps to keep in touch with them, wherever they are.

Turning Gen Z into workplace tech champions

While Millennials and other generations have been part of the technology revolution, Generation Z is the product of it. They don’t remember a time of dial-up internet or paper-based correspondence; they have always been connected through technology.

As this group comes of age and features more prominently in the workplace, it highlights the experience gap between digital’s influence in the consumer world, and its impact on the business environment. To Gen Z, going to work feels like taking a step back in time.

In order to engage Generation Z and maximise their potential, companies need to upgrade their people management technology, digitising essential elements of their operations – from shift planning, to annual leave co-ordination and overtime records. Trying to do this with multiple systems can be ineffective and overwhelming, so it’s best to look for a single piece of people management software that can cover all functionalities.

By digitising their operating model, and leveraging consumer-friendly interfaces like mobile apps, companies can give Generation Z instant, reliable access to information in a format they are familiar with, so they can flourish in the professional environment.

Employers can even take this engagement a step further, tasking Gen Z workers to become technology champions in the workplace; mentoring older colleagues to adopt similar processes for a fully tech-enabled workforce.

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