Following customer feedback, we've published some updates to the WhosOffice platform which your business (and/or users) may find useful.

MFA login requirement

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As the world of online security alters daily with recommendations from security experts, we understand WhosOffice needs to allow for internal business requirement change. Therefore, we have increased the level of security users can employ on their own accounts.

Companies can already employ a number of our Single Sign-On partners (Okta / Azure / G-Suite / OneLogin / Auth0) for centralised accessed management to WhosOffice.

For companies who don't use one of the above providers, their users now have the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for an additional level of security when accessing their account.

To setup MFA on your account, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your WhosOffice account
  • Click on your name (top right)
  • Click on the "My details / settings" option
  • Once the page has loaded...
  • Click on the "Account settings" tab (left hand side)
  • Choose the MFA option which you prefer:
    • If you choose Email, a code will be sent to your registered email address to confirm your login, from when you next login.
    • If you choose Authenticator, upon save a QR code will appear which you can scan and add the MFA option to your authenticator app. From your next login you will be required to supply the code from your authenticator app.
  • Click on Save
Multi factor authentication options

Available online only at this stage; availability on mobile applications to follow shortly.

Staff data download now includes HR info

When downloading a staff members data for your records before disabling or removing their account you will now see the following information included on the XLSX download:

  • Staff details
  • Staff details
  • Leave records
  • Overtime records
  • Work records
  • Notes
  • Emergency contacts (*)
  • Personnel record(*)
  • Training and qualifications (*)
  • Benefits and memberships (*)
  • Cases (*)
  • History (Log)

* Included if HR is part of your subscription, and you have permission to access this data.

Staff data download with additional data

Please note: If you upload documents to a staff members profile, or to any HR case associated with the staff member, these files will need to be downloaded manually, they are NOT included in the download file.

Planned tasks report (Staff)

Planned Tasks Report

If your company uses the Task Planner module on WhosOffice you now have an additional report to run to allow you to list all tasks assigned to a selected staff member, from a selected week of the year, for up to 8 weeks.

If you plan your tasks a number of weeks in advance this report is a helpful way of keeping staff members informed of their forward planned duties.

Running the report details the following columns, as shown in the image below.

  • Date
  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • Task name
  • Task description
  • Skill assigned as for the task
Planned tasks report (Staff)

Should you wish to have a walkthrough of either the HR or Task Planner modules on WhosOffice, feel free to drop our support team a line and they will schedule a FREE demonstration with you.