Take the system with you, wherever you go

We are proud to announce the brand new WhosOffice app available for Android from today. Taking the system you have come to know and depend on, from your desk to your mobile.

Managing your workforce has become pocket sized

The app is designed to allow all users access to view their leave, work and shifts, as well any company messages that may be available to them, from the dashboard. Requesting leave has never been easier, with our simple step by step process mirroring the same flow you have come to know and love from the online version.

WhosOffice Android App

We have taken the time to ensure all of the restrictions that you have applied to each group within the system is continued onto the new platform. This therefore allows users with the approval permissions to process any leave requests for their current company year and onwards.

Easily view your company leave, work, overtime and events from the fully customisable calendar view. Offering the same filtering options as the online version.

Easy navigation makes using WhosOffice on your mobile a breeze

From the start of production, we ensured that the application kept the same look and feel as the desktop version. Ensuring all of the information you wish to see is easily visible and accessible at the touch of a button.

The app is broken down into 4 sections, which will be visible to the user if their permissions are set to do so, Dashboard, Leave, Work and Settings. Each comes with its own unique dashboard to take you exactly where you wish to go.

Don’t waste any time, download it today!

The app is available to download via the app store on mobile android devices.

Android Download

From all of us here at WhosOffice HQ, we would like to say thank you for all of your ongoing support, we hope that the brand new app enhances your experience with the system on the go!