At WhosOffice, we are always listening to our customers requests, business problems and most desired wishes. Over the next coming weeks we will be publishing a number of new features to to the platform to alleviate some of the common problems businesses face when managing their workforce.

Scheduled to be published early June 2019 here we summarise all of the new features coming to your platform.

New features


A number of updates to the "Rules" area allows system administrators to specify whether to setup reverse entry rules (instead of double-ruling), as well as specify which days and/or dates to apply rules.

  • Reverse Entry
    If you have setup Staff to Staff rules (i.e. stopping them taking time off), we have now included a simple option to include the reverse entry, thus saving many "double-rules" on your account.
    Rules - reverse entry
  • Specified days
    If you have rules within your company that only apply to certain days of the week, i.e. we must have "4 front of house staff", you can choose to apply this only at weekends, or the reverse, or whatever combination suits.
    Rules - Specified days
  • Specified dates
    Like the above, but, if you have rules that only need to apply between certain date ranges, such as "we must have 14 Hospitality Team Members between the 1st of April 2019 and the 22nd April 2019", this is now possible, or, if you have rules that apply on the same dates every year, i.e. "we must have 14 Hospitality Team members between the 1st of April and the 22nd of April every year" this is also possible.
    Rules - Specified dates

Leave types

Leave types

As well as specifying when rules can apply to your company, by date, date range of day, you also have the option of specifying which leave types are taken into account when applying these rules.

Exporting data

Exporting data

We know that a number of our customers like to use the data presented by WhosOffice to build their own reports or internal presentations, so we have extended the availability to export data from each screen within the system where datasets are seen.

From any team view, search listing, report or calendar you can click on the Export option and select to export to .CSV or .XLSX file. The system will produce the file and provide you with a direct link to download the file.

Staff data download

Staff download

We know how important staff data backups are to our customers, so, we have provided an area to download the staff members data, either prior to deletion, or just as a cautionary backup.

Head into "Settings / Users", then select the user you wish to download a copy of their data. At the bottom of the edit staff member screen you will see the tab "Download / Delete", click on the tab and you will have the option to create and download the staff data.

Note: All staff data downloads from this area produce an .XLSX file as it will contain multiple worksheets, including:

  • Staff details - An overview of the staff, personal details, employment dates etc
  • Leave allowances - Detailed allowances for any year the staff member has on the system
  • Leave policies - Details of any policies in which the staff member has been applied to
  • Leave records - Detailed breakdown of all leave records on the system for the staff member
  • Overtime records - Detailed breakdown of all overtime records on the system for the staff member
  • Work records - Detailed breakdown of all work records for the staff member
  • Notes - Any notes recorded on the staff members account
  • History (Log) - Showing the adjustments made to the staff members record

Staff yearly reports

To allow customers to analyse staff member data from year to year, we have included two new reports within the Reports / Staff Yearly Reports area.

  • Leave breakdown report
    For companies wishing to spot trends in staff leave, or just to verify the approval process has followed contractual rules, this report allows you to breakdown each leave request for the selected year and review when and whom approvals were made, including any approval notes that were made at the time.
    Leave breakdown report
  • Allowance log
    One of the most popular calls to our support team over the past twelve (12) months was to find out exactly how a staff members allowance had been affected by rules, processes and adjustments that had been made. So, we have turned the outcome from our systems into a useable report which can be produced on a staff member.

    Shows, by selected allowance pot, how any adjustments throughout the system have affected someones allowance, whether it be by policies, accruals, leave and overtime processing. The report details what, when and by whom the adjustment was made.
    Allowance log report