We are pleased to announce that as of the 19th January 2021, companies making use of the WhosOffice platform to manage their workforce now have the added benefit of automating their user security through our Okta integration.

How this integration helps you?

By using Okta to sign in to WhosOffice, your users will have one less username and password to remember, which means less support for your business in assisting users with account lock-outs and password resets.

How does it work?

Put simply: you tell Okta that you want to integrate with WhosOffice, they give you a certificate which you then provide to WhosOffice. You then tell Okta who you want to provide access to and that's it. When the user visits your dedicated login page on WhosOffice, you can either let them choose to login with their WhosOffice account details, or force them to authenticate through Okta.

How can I connect my WhosOffice and Okta accounts?

We have written a knowledgebase article to show you step by step how you can enable Okta integration from within your WhosOffice account. Visit our Okta - SAML Integration article for more information.

I need help, what can I do?

For any queries, raise a ticket with our support team, either by email (support@whosoffice.com) or telephone (+44 (0)1227 812938).