We have published a number of updates to the WhosOffice platform following feedback from our customers.

The following updates were published on the 25th April 2018 between 07:00 GMT and 09:00 GMT:

  • Allowance Summary Report
    There are now options when building this report to select which Leave Pots to view on the report. Helpful for those customers who make use of more than one Leave Pot for their staff.

  • Work Planner
    We have made it clearer when viewing extra details on the Work Planner, if you choose to overlay Leave, Events or Overtime on the planner these have been made clearer for customers when planning their work schedules. Each element is represented by a coloured corner on each cell, top right will be Leave, top left is Events and bottom right is Overtime.

  • Export Data
    We have started to roll out extra options when exporting data from screens such as the Work Planner. When you click "Export Data" you will now see a menu with options for exporting to CSV or XLSX. Currently this is only available on "Work Planner" and "Leave and Work - Team View", other areas with this function will follow shortly.

  • Work and Leave - Team View
    There is now the same "Order By" function as other areas within WhosOffice, you can choose to order the list by First name, Last Name, Staff Code or Default Group. 

Along with platform updates, we have updated our Security & Technical page to include further information and clarification for customers with questions relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018. Here you will find information on the data we store, our accreditations, 3rd parties as well as some questions you should be asking your provider.