Updates to WhosOffice, carried out in August 2015 are as follows:

25th August 2015

  • Pattern code - Minor search adjustment
  • Request leave - You are now unable to ignore warnings when you request leave for yourself
  • New permission - Within the work planner you can now set whether a "Work planner" can edit their own work time, or not.
  • Staff notes - New area within staff management for recording ongoing staff notes.
  • Staff search - You are now able to search by Staff code.
  • Group emails - As well as being able to switch off all emails on your account, you can now do this for individual groups.
  • Minor bug fixes

28th August 2015

  • Staff notes - This area has been updated to allow the "Note owner" to edit and delete ntoes they have entered previously.

Thank you for your continued feedback, as always, if you have any more please send them through to support@whosoffice.com