Updates to WhosOffice, carried out in December 2014 are as follows:

16th December 2014

  • Pending leave - If administrator you now have the option to view all staff pending leave
  • Pattern codes - Extended to allow up to two-digit codes
  • Pattern codes - Paid duration as option for reporting purposes
  • Leave request emails - Now include any warnings from company rules
  • Overtime admin - Now include lieu time on list screen
  • Work patterns - Altered to allow for two-digit pattern codes
  • Removed option on user for Fixed or Shift staff member (staff can now be both)
  • Leave adjustments - When working time gets updated the system will updated any leave affected by the changes to show any working time adjustments
  • Shift planning - Removed
  • Work planner (NEW!)
    • Replaces fixed and shift management
    • Shift swap function included
    • Easily remove and add extra shifts
    • Easily change staff members work pattern
    • Includes working time totals as well as shift count totals
  • Bulk upload - Simplified to remove shift and fixed options
  • Filtering views - The system remembers the groups you were viewing as you navigate around the system