Updates to WhosOffice, carried out in January 2015 are as follows:

21st January 2015

  • Edit leave - Users with "Leave admin" right can now edit leave entries within the system
  • Pending leave - improved calendar view options
  • Searching - On pages where there is more records than the screen height, the search boxes will now fix to the left hand side instead of scrolling off the top of the page
  • Company / Tools - System will notify the logged in user whether all emails are currently ON or OFF
  • User groups - Ability to add all groups to the list of groups the users can see, irrespective if they have any groups in the list already
  • Browser warning - Users on older browsers will now receive a warning on the login page informing them some features may not be available to them if they use an older browser
  • Emails - improved links embedded within emails, such as direct leave request approvals
  • Leave request - Now includes the ability to request part of a day/shift

As with all of our updates, we welcome your feedback on the new features added.