Updates to WhosOffice, carried out in July 2015 are as follows:

24th July 2015

  • Reports (Single group): If you select one group to view a report for, the group title will be displayed in the title of the produced report, ready for printing.
  • Reports (Multi groups): If you select more than one group to view a "Summary" type report, the relevant group name will appear next to the staff member on the report. 
  • New Report: Staff directory report: allowing you to select group(s) of staff, and select which fields you would like to see on the report, including:
    • Email address
    • Telephone (Work)
    • Telephone (Mobile)
    • Leave approvers
    • Leave approvers permissions
    • Overtime approvers
    • Overtime approvers permissions

17th July 2015

  • Pattern codes - You now have the ability to specify how much allowance time will be deducted from a member of staff when they select a whole shift/day off for a leave type that is managed in hours.
  • Bulk change approvers - In the same way you can bulk set allowances for staff members, or groups, you can now bulk set leave/overtime approvers for a group of staff members.
  • Work Attributes - This area has been extended to allow you to specify staff skills/competencies. If you use this area you will then be able to see on the shift planner a list of staff members with particular skills, allowing you to ensure your skill requirements are covered on all shifts.
  • Skills / Competencies Report - A new report (available under the General Staff Reports) allows you to produce a skills matrix based on groups of staff members.

Thank you for your continued feedback, as always if you have any more please send them through to support@whosoffice.com