Updates published to the WhosOffice service during March 2016 are as follows:

Tuesday 15th March 2016

  • Work Planner - Planners now have the ability to plan their shifts/schedules based on 'Manning Levels'. Manning levels allow you to supply a required number of staff members within a specified group on a particular day (or all days). On the work planner you can then see how this compares to the number of people you have scheduled to work. You will then be able to quickly see where you are over or under subscribed on any given day.
  • Work Planner - You now have the option to view the number of shifts allocated to each staff member within a schedule period, with the option to quickly export to CSV or Print.
  • Work Planner - You now have the option to quickly export any schedule month to PDF from the Work Planner screen.
  • Open Shifts - If you are under-subscribed to any shifts/days on a given month you can quickly distribute an Open Shift plan to members within a group offering them extra working time.
  • Ordering - On some views you can now choose how you want the order of staff displayed, First name, Last name, Staff Code and Default Group.
  • Date picker - There is now the option to 'Clear' the current fields value using the date picker.
  • Overtime / Work Planner - You now have the option to view any Overtime that has been recorded for a staff member on the Work Planner.
  • Notifications - Any notifications on your dashboard now carry any subsequent warnings/notes with them.
  • Work Distribution - You now have the option to view Work Schedules for Groups before you send them via email.
  • Minor updates: Branding options, payment provider information, and registered office details.

Thank you for your feedback, if you have any suggestions on how the WhosOffice service may be improved, please send them through to support@whosoffice.com