Updates to WhosOffice, carried out in May are as follows:

7th May 2015

  • Summary & Breakdown leave report, updated to include only the leave taken between the specified dates are included on the report 
  • Booking leave when shifts have been swapped. We have reversed the decision to block these requests and are now the discrepancy of the approver.
  • Group type introduced. You can now define groups as either "Group , department" or "Tag". Tags are not used when assigning permissions to leave and overtime types.
  • Overtime report now carries the "Lieu time" and "Paid time" distinction.
  • Carryover remaining, this is now displayed on the dashboard as well as on the request leave page
  • Overtime type management, updated to allow groups to be managed in the same way leave types are managed to make it clearer for the administrator.
  • Feeds, recommended setting introduced
  • Events - List of events in administration now includes "Action" as a column for clearer definition.
  • Work planner - Updated to allow the user to jump forward or backward up to eleven months, instead of having to navigate month by month.
  • Work planner - Add entry option updated to include pattern code on drop down list.
  • Summary leave, summary work and summary overtime reports updated to include staff code on the report.

Published 28th May 2015

  • Company groups - New option to define groups as departments/groups or tags. Those marked as "tags" are not used in permission based settings such as leave types
  • Reports - Overtime & Leave reports now carry the option to view pending ony, approved only, or both
  • Reports - Staff code has now been included on all reports, ready for download
  • Overtime - This area has been given the largest amount of update to include a number of requests/adjustments from our users
    • Types are now linked to an allowance pot if "Allowance" is selected as a reimbursement option, otherwise the pay rate (x) option is shown.
    • Groups - Permissions for groups has been updated to reflect the same feel as leave types
    • Reports - Totals are now shown in their "time" equivalent instead of decimal as previously.
  • Dashboard - The monthly overview is now running from the users combined view to show break in work times, leave and events
  • Calendars - Todays date is now marked on the monthly and calendar views
  • Work patterns - New drag and drop feature to allow for quick changes to be made to patterns
  • General - When viewing records, instead of long numerical values being displayed such as 1.11176344 days, this will now be shown as 1d 14h 34m to make it easier to understand.
  • General - Hourly values (overtime, leave and work) will now be displayed in time value instead of their decimal equivalent, for example 3 hours and 45 mins will now be shown as 3h 45m instead of 3.75h.

We would like to thank you, our users, for your continued feedback allowing WhosOffice to grow to a powerful business product.

If you have any feedback for the team feel free to drop us an email on support@whosoffice.com