Updates published to the WhosOffice service during May are as follows:

Sunday 1st May 2016

  • Overtime request - Administrators submitting overtime on behalf of staff members are now able to specify the acutal amount of lieu time to associate with the request instead of the system recommending a value.
  • Security updates - see below.
  • Work planner -  Using the Publish Work Plan (PDF) option has been updated to allow for clock changes (e.g. daylight savings time).
  • Minor updates: Menu permissions were ignored for Work & Leave - Team view option in some circumstances, this has now been resolved.

Security updates - Sunday 1st May 2016

At WhosOffice, we take security very serious, because of this we may need to make adjustments to the security of our platform based on changing events in internet technology and potential vulnerabilities. To further enhance our security we have made a number of changes to the platform which you should not notice when using the application, however there maybe a small amount of users affected.

Any companies making use of third party applications, such as OneLogin and Okta may not be able to access their accounts through these services. We cannot say whether these services will or will not be affected because WhosOffice cannot be responsible for third party software. After an extensive security review we have implemented a number of security changes which block external websites posting information to WhosOffice. If you are affected by this security enhancement we recommend you discuss this with your IT team/provider in order to explore the possibility of updating third party connectors.