At WhosOffice, we love to hear how customers interact with the product, and as such have we have made a number of enhancements to both the user interface as well as some refining how some of the current features work.

Scheduled to be published early June 2019 here we summarise all of the updates coming to your platform.


Probably the biggest update to the WhosOffice platform since its inception is the updated user interface. We are constantly striving to provide tools that are both complex in their delivery as well as being as easy to use as possible.

The updated UI includes a consistent layout to all types of screens, as well as small enhancements to guide users to make key decisions on staff/system records.

One area of update is to the branding of companies' accounts. Each account is provided with FREE company branding as one area in which system adopters can push out to their staff members. Further customisation can now be applied to all accounts to further incorporate a company's brand.

As well as updating the UI, we have made the following updates to be published:

  • Request leave
    Now shows the allowances as well as a monthly calendar (work, events, leave and overtime) for the selected staff member for a quick overview of their records prior to recording new leave.
    Request leave
  • Submit overtime
    Now shows a monthly calendar (work, events, leave and overtime) for the selected staff member for a quick overview of their records prior to registering new overtime.
    Submit overtime
  • Pending leave
    Now shows an updated calendar view, much like that in Work & Leave - Team view so an approver can get a glance of the staff member's group overview for the time period in which the leave request refers.
    Pending leave
  • My leave
    Now shows a breakdown of the staff members allowance including and forward of this year.
    My leave
  • Work Distribution
    On individual selections you can now download the Work plan (via PDF) before distributing to the selected team member
    Work Distribution
  • Bank Holiday Imports
    Now incorporates Switzerland and the Philippines in the countries to automatically import.
    Event imports
  • My Details / Edit Staff / Add Staff
    You now have the option to Show/Hide the new password you are entering.
    New password option
  • Work Yearly
    The PDF output now shows the work entry as well as the times of the work entry, for the entire year on the export, for the selected staff member
    Work yearly
  • PDF Outputs
    For exports that span more than one page, the header and sub-header is now repeated across each page