We have published a number of updates to the WhosOffice platform following feedback from our customers.

The following updates were published along with general platform updates on the 16th May 2017 between 07:30 GMT and 08:30 GMT.

  • Events
    When creating events between "Specified Times", you now have the option to specify 5 minute increments.

  • Dashboard
    The Notifications and Tasks area has now been split into two tabs, with the option to clear all "Notifications" or "Tasks" with one click of a button. Simply scroll to the bottom of the Notifications or Tasks tab to see the "Clear All" option.

  • Staff Directory Report
    When creating a Staff Directory Report you now have the option to include "Region" and "Time Zone" on the report.

  • Work and Leave - Daily View
    When viewing the "Work and Leave - Daily View" area, if you hover over any of the elements on the view, you will be presented with the details of that entry.

  • Pending Overtime
    This is now easily identified on calendar views in the same way pending leave is displayed

  • Passwords
    Following a security review, we have updated the minimum password requirements. Passwords must be between 6 and 16 characters and include at least one numeric digit and one alphabet character.