Our latest round of updates includes extra Bradford Factor reporting options, more flexibility over applying rules to leave requests, our first set of integration roll-outs, along with a few minor tweaks to reporting outputs.


WhosOffice integrates with your favoured software

SSO Integrations


In the first release of integrations, we have selected and integrated with the following login identity providers to allow companies to control access to their WhosOffice accounts via their already trusted login providers.


G Suite

Azure AD

Check out our dedicated integrations page to learn more about the different providers/platforms we have integrated with.


Bradford Factor


For companies that use the Bradford Factor as a benchmark to staff leave trends, there can be some other factors to take into consideration when calculating the output, such as:

  • Whether to include requests that cover full shifts only, or part of shifts
  • Whether to include requests that cover non-working days

The Bradford Factor report also now includes calculations for any staff members that have their allowances in hours, whereas previously this report only looked at staff members where their allowances were in days.

When building a Bradford Factor report in WhosOffice, you now have the following options to make:

  • Report for: Individual, Group, or Groups of staff members
  • Include Full Shifts Only?: Whether to ignore requests that cover part of shifts (Default: No)
  • Include Non-Working Days?: Whether to include days where the staff member is NOT set to work in the calculation (Default: No)
  • Leave Types: Which Leave Type, or Types should be included in the calculation
  • Dates: Select from a list of pre-defined date ranges, or choose a custom date range
  • Status: The status of requests to include in the calculation (Default: All pending/approved leave)

The output of the report will be something like the example below, for which you can then Print, or Export the data to CSV/XLSX file:

Staff code Name Group # Shifts # Instances Bradford Score
  Brin Revell IT 0 0 0
003a Bryan Suran IT 10 3 90
004a Billy Organ Cleaning 0 0 0
004/938 Jane Revster Cleaning - Wings 9 4 144
894AAR Jennifer Guard IT 24 4 384
PTR2 Kate Ramsford Accounts 8 3 72
PTR13 Katie Longsneck Accounts 0 0 0
BHG2/23a Linda Ricker Purchasing 3 2 12
BGF877 Matt Disney IT 11 2 44
BHuYU12 Nicola Sargeant IT 45 6 1620
SZ09/As3 Sophie Wickham Account Management 32 9 2592

The information above is ficticious, and is only used as a representation.

Rules - Update


When creating rules for individuals, or groups of individuals, you already have the option to specify what days (or dates) the rule is to apply on. Now, you have the option to choose whether to ignore Dates, and Times, when the system is checking leave requests against rules.

  • Ignore Dates: Choose whether to take into account whether people are at work on each day the request covers.
  • Ignore Times: Choose whether to check each whole day the request covers, or whether to check the individual time slots throughout the day to ensure the rule is met.

Allowance Usage Report


When generating an allowance usage report, you now have the option whether to include any carryover allowance in the calculation. By default, the option is set to No, by selecting Yes, the system will include any carryover allowances when calculating the report values.


Allowance Summary Report


The output of this report now includes Carryover values, so the report you can generate/export now includes the following information:

  • Staff code
  • Staff member
  • Group
  • Leave pot
  • Unit
  • From
  • Opening
  • Remaining
  • Carryover Opening
  • Carryover Remaining
  • Carryover Expiry