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Manage your people through one
central dashboard

Don't waste time on multiple systems and spreadsheets; with WhosOffice employee scheduling software you can run all your people management and shift planning requirements through one dashboard. Use these built-in features to take the hard work out of scheduling workload:

Shift planning

Shift planning

Optimise staffing levels to ensure you’re never over-staffed or caught short

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Rules and restrictions

Rules & restrictions

Create requirements based on qualifications, skills & overtime rates

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Categorise staff by seniority & skill with visible and private groupings

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Customise access by management level and record staff information

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Leave management


Integrate holidays, TOIL and sickness to avoid clashes

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Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Mobile apps

View your dashboard on Android and iOS devices

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Reporting and exporting


Run customised analysis of work, leave and overtime

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Friendly support team


Our friendly team are here to help around the clock

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