Bulk Allowances

Bulk Allowances not only allows you to manage / create Allowances for an individual staff member on an individual basis but it also allows you to manage allowances for a whole Group, thus saving you time when you are setting your staff up for the new year.

  • From the Leave Menu, Click Bulk Allowances

You can then start to manage or create some Allowances for your staff members.

  • Using the Adjust For drop-down box to specify who you would like to manage either a Group or Staff Member.
  • Next select the Group or Staff Member that you require
  • Using the Allowance Pot drop-down choose which Allowance Pot you would like to manage.
  • Then choose the Allowance Year to manage (Year Start) and click Load Records.

Your Staff Member(s) will then be presented on screen with details as to whether they have allowances already setup for the specified fields or not*. 

*Any staff member(s) who already had allowances before you started running this Bulk Allowances option will NOT be included in the Create Allowances process, even though they are visible on screen, the only time ALL staff members on screen are affected is if you choose to Increase Allowance by X.

On the right hand side of your screen you can now Manage the staff member(s) presented on screen by either Creating Allowances or Increasing the Allowance By X number of Days / Hours.

Click the Select Function** drop-down and select Create Allowances

  • Specify what the Allowance Unit will be either Days or Hours
  • Allowance Value is the amount of Allowance to be attributed, if a user within the group is entitled to a different amount, you will need to manage them separately to the whole group via Settings > Users.
  • Upon clicking Submit the staff member(s) who didn't have Allowances setup before will now be given the specified amount of Allowance. 

**If you choose Increase Allowance by X when using the Select Function drop-down, you will be asked to specify how much allowance will be added onto the staff member(s) and it will only increase the Remaining Balance not the Opening. Either in Days or Hours.

Title: Bulk Allowances
Category: Leave
Posted: Thursday, 13th Nov 2014
By: Callum Ellis
Direct link: https://www.whosoffice.com/support/knowledgebase/Allowances

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