Bulk Set Approvers


The Bulk Set Approvers tool can help setup a whole Groups approver(s) in one go, as an alternative to going into each users profile individually, but you can of course still go into an individual staff members record and adjust their Approvers separately if required. To do this;

From the leave menu click Bulk Set Approvers

  • On the left you can then choose who to adjust Approvers for, either Group or Staff.
  • Then choose a particular Group* or a Staff Member
  • Followed by selecting the function as either Leave or Overtime
  • Click Load Records

After clicking Load Records, you will see a preview of the information you have just selected. In line with each staff member you will also be able to see anyone who already has an Approver(s) setup on their account.

Then on the right hand side of the page, you have the option to set an Approver to each of the staff members selected.

  • First, Select which Approver you would like each staff member to have.
  • Then select which Permissions the approvers will be granted
  • You can then specify whether this approver will be Approver 1 or Approver 2
  • Finally, you can choose to override any already setup Approvers (by selecting either a specific Approver to overwrite or All staff) or only to those who do not yet have an Approver.

Then click Submit.

*Please note that you will only be able to select Approvers who can actually SEE this group within WhosOffice.


The Permissions dictate what the Approver can do with each member of staffs leave. There are various options, as seen below;

  • Approve and Decline Only - Allows the approver to only Approve and Decline the staff members Leave or Overtime
  • Approve, Decline and Add - Allows the approver to Approve, Decline and Add Leave or Overtime
  • Approve, Decline, Add, Edit and Cancel - Allows total control over the staff members leave/overtime requests with the options to Approve, Decline, Add, Edit and Cancel Leave or Overtime.

To assign Approvers individually, please see the Setting up an Approvers and Allowances article.

Title: Bulk Set Approvers
Category: Leave
Posted: Wednesday, 27th Sep 2017
By: Callum Ellis
Direct link: https://www.whosoffice.com/support/knowledgebase/Bulk Set Approvers

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