As part of our continued development process, we will be publishing a number of changes to the WhosOffice platform. Details of each of the updates are below.

Don't forget to check out our Road Map for information relating to upcoming releases as well as considerations from customer recommendations.


For Android and iOS users, notifications will be distributed automatically for the following scenarios:

  • Leave request - Approver(s)
  • Leave approved / declined - Staff member
  • Overtime submit - Approver(s)
  • Overtime approved / declined - Staff member

* Please note, this may require an update to your installed app, check the relevant app store for more information. PNS/APNS will be available from version 1.2.0 of the dedicated Android and iOS apps.


Task Planner

As part of a new feature to be released later in the year, we have made a few adjustments to the dashboard of the online and mobile applications. On the mobile applications you will notice there is no longer a "Next 7 Days" view, instead on the dashboard you will be able to move between dates using the arrows by the date.

This area will detail any shifts and leave you have scheduled, later on, this will also detail any tasks you have been set for the selected date.



Just a minor update whereby default branding applied to any accounts have been updated to reflect the new WhosOffice branding.


If you are used to working with the Rules area on WhosOffice, you will notice there are a few more options now, with an additional option to allow you to decide whether you would like to ignore any working time planned when running the rules within your account.

Events / Public Holidays

We have now included the option to import public holidays for Chile and/or Peru. For a full list of supported countries, please see our detailed blog post.

We have also updated the early 2020 UK May Bank Holiday to reflect the 75th Anniversay of VE Day, find out more on our dedicated blog post.


When running a "Leave Breakdown" report, you will see a new column which reflects the date the leave entry was requested.


To help administrators, the Default group option has been updated to show "None" if the user has not yet been assigned any groups that they can view.

Overtime rates

Administrators can now setup Overtime types to be based on a table of rates rather than a set rate for all entries. See our detailed blog post for more information. Access to the new Overtime Rates functionality will be available from version 1.2.0 of the dedicated Android and iOS apps.


When entering a leave request on behalf of someone else, leave administrators would previously have to specify whether they would like to "Ignore warnings" that could be flagged up depending on any rules you have. This now forms part of the request process and allows for a more streamlined leave request process.


Deleting - If a user has access to edit a staff members details, but does not have access to their leave records (as an example), they previously would have been able to delete the user from the system but would not have been given a backup of their leave records (on the download). If this instance now occurs, they will be able to delete a staff member as well as gaining a backup of the leave records in the data download.