Bulk Book Leave

Sometimes during the course of your leave year, you might need to book off a single day for the entire company, or for a particular Group (department) this could be for things like Christmas Shutdown periods, Christmas Eve half days or even for Company Events. Using the bulk book leave tool, you can easily and quickly book off the right date(s) for the right members of staff.

Tip: As this tool only allows you to select one group at a time, you may want to consider creating an additional group to cover the staff that the leave affects.


From the Leave menu, click Bulk Book Leave. Then proceed to use the options available, as per the below example;

  • For - Group
  • Group - Select the required Group
  • Leave Type - Choose what type of leave you would like to use.
  • Start Date - Select the date you would like to book, or start from
  • Duration - You can choose one of a number of duration options here
    • All Day - Useful for just booking a single day off
    • Specified Times - Useful for booking specific time slots (in 15 minute increments), perhaps for Meetings
      • Specified Start Time - Select a time for the leave to start on the selected date
      • Specified End Time - Select a time for the leave to end on the selected date
    • Greater than one day - Useful for booking a week off or a couple of days
      • End Date - Choose what date you would like the leave to end
    • Greater than one day, between times - Useful for booking a week off but where the leave starts during the day i.e. You might want staff to leave work on 10th at 1230 and the last day might be 15th at 1800
      • End Date - Choose what date you would like the leave to end
      • Specified Start Time - Select a time for the leave to start on the selected start date
      • Specified End Time - Select a time for the leave to end on the selected end date

Upon clicking Prepare, you will see a preview of any member of staff within the selected Group, as well as an indication of whether or not the leave requests are going to be able to be submitted, or if they can't, the system will present a warning explaining why they can't.

There is also a useful KEY shown on the right hand side to illustrate what the D, W and A columns represent;

  • D - Total duration requested (this includes any non-working days)
  • W - Total amount of working time affected by this leave request
  • A - Total amount of allowance deducted, if the leave type is setup to deduct allowances.

You will then be able to provide any Notes for the leave request where appropriate and then submit the request into the system.


When booking leave in bulk, for multiple staff members at once, it enables you to quickly and efficiently process the booking within the system. But, if you booked the wrong date, or the date of the event changes you can also quickly undo the booking you've just made. By clicking on Bulk Leave Admin (in the top right hand corner of the page).

From here, there are search filters on the left hand side of the page, this allows you to quickly locate the booking that's just been processed - don't forget to hit search after adjusting these filters.

Then, in line with the relevant booking, click View (under the Options column). On the resulting page, you can view the details of the request itself as well as view the number of staff that the booking affected. On the left hand side of the page, you can click on Cancel Leave to remove the leave requests from each user's profile.

Title: Bulk Book Leave
Category: Leave
Posted: Wednesday, 02nd Feb 2022
By: Callum Ellis
Direct link: https://www.whosoffice.com/support/knowledgebase/bulk-book-leave

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