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Cases within WhosOffice allow you to build step-by-step HR workflows for managing various aspects of HR information, from Onboarding new starters to supporting long term success of your staff members by scheduling quarterly reviews and yearly appraisals. Within each Case template you are able to distinguish tasks that colleagues, mentors and managers have to complete within a certain time period.

Automatic reminders and notifications can even be generated to ensure communication is kept to a high standard so that everyone knows what is expected of them, and when it needs to be completed by.


  • From the HR menu, click Case Templates, then click Add New Template.

Within each Case Template, you are able to specify a number of different options, the example below will help you to identify how best to use this area.

  • Name - New Starter Checklist
  • Category* - Onboarding
  • Days to Complete - 14 Days (this will dictate how long the Case Handler / Subject has to complete the case, from the date it starts)
  • Follow-on case? - Select a case template from the available list to automatically be created after this case has been completed, based on the completion date - in this example you might want an Appraisal to commence 3 months after the New Starter Checklist has been completed.
  • Time Before Start
    • Day(s)
    • Month(s)
    • Year(s)
    • From
      • When the last step date was completed - when the case is marked as complete, the follow on case will be generated based on the Time Before Start preference selected
      • The date the case was started - when the case is marked as complete, the follow on case will be generated based on the start date of the original case and based on the Time Before Start preference

*Categories allow you to filter information into more appropriate sections of the HR Module - see our Category Management article for more information


Each case offers you the ability to setup automatic Email and Push Notifications (PNS) to be sent out at certain points during the case's activity.

  • Start Date - Send notifications as soon as the case is due to start.
  • Step Completion - Send notifications after each step has been completed. The notification will be sent to the party responsible for the next step (only if different to the person that completed the step)
  • Case Completion - Send notifications to the subject or case handler, depending on who completed the case i.e. if the Subject completed the case - a notification would go to the Case Handler.

Upon clicking Save, you will be able to go to the Steps tab on the left hand side.

Whilst the system does not send out automatic notifications when a case is either Due to commence within the next 7 Days, or Overdue, there is a visual representation on the HR dashboard or the Case Admin page. Reminders can also be sent out manually via Case Admin, as and when needed.


Within the Steps section of Case Templates, you will be able to outline the responsibilities that each party has to undertake to complete the Case. There is no limit to the number of Steps you can create, in addition there is no minimum number of steps you have to have.

For example, some cases could represent a simple Change of Company Policy that includes 1 step where Subjects (the staff member the case is applied to) have to confirm acceptance of a new document, whereas New Starter Checklists might include a number of different steps.

Each Step offers a potentially different response type, which can be selected to ensure that the most appropriate action is taken.


  • Agree - Offers the Subject / Case Handler a "Yes" or "No" option to allow them to agree to the contents of the step.
  • Confirm Only -  Allows the Subject / Case Handler to simply mark the step as Completed.
  • Upload - Requires the Subject / Case Handler to upload a specific document outlined in the step details
  • Text - Requires the Subject / Case Handler to enter text into the appropriate field in order to complete the text (there is no way to enforce the content of the text)


Step 1.
  • Title - Company Policy Update V1.2.3
  • Notes / Question - Please acknowledge you have read the Business Managment System document which covers our company procedures. 
  • Document Upload - Doc (Upload the relevant document) 
  • Response Type - Agree
  • Required By - Subject



Step 1.

  • Title - Health and Safety Information
  • Notes / Questions - Have you been made aware of the: Fire Drill, Assembly Point, First Aiders, First Aid Box, Fire Extinguishers
  • Document Upload - Doc (upload relevant documents if necessary)
  • Response Type - Confirm Only
  • Required By - Subject

Step 2.

  • Title - Acceptable Use of IT Procedure 
  • Notes / Questions - Please read the attached document on the acceptable use of IT facilities and acknowledge your agreement
  • Document Upload - Doc (upload relevant documents)
  • Response Type - Agree
  • Required By - Subject

Step 3.

  • Title - Right to Work
  • Notes / Question - Copy ID - Please upload a copy of your Drivers Licence and Passport
  • Document Upload - Doc (upload relevant documents if necessary
  • Response Type - Upload
  • Required By - Subject (When the Subject goes to action this step, they will be presented with the option to upload a document)

Step 4.


You can continue to add additional steps if needed to fully build your HR workflows within these cases.

Title: Case Templates
Category: HR
Posted: Tuesday, 03rd Aug 2021
By: Callum Ellis
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