Category Management

By creating different Categories in the HR Module you are able to clearly define what sort of information you are looking to record on the system, as well as being able to create Parent Categories which will allow for clear and co-ordinated storage of your company's important HR documents.

Categories even allow you to attribute specific Cases (HR Workflows / Procedures) to them, this will ensure that everyone knows where to find the most relevant information.


  • From the HR menu, click Category Management, then click Create New Category
  • Then enter the name of the new Category.
  • You will then have the option to assign this new category to an existing Parent Category if you wanted to, if you leave it as "NONE" then this category will become a Parent Category.

Parent Categories allow you to filter sub-categories underneath, creating a network of information within the HR Module.

Title: Category Management
Category: HR
Posted: Tuesday, 03rd Aug 2021
By: Callum Ellis
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