Company Alerts

Company Alerts let you create a system wide message that your users will see on their dashboard once they are logged into the system you may also choose to email this to your staff members. You can set Start and End dates on Alerts so they can be become available, and then expire accordingly.

They appear as a red circle on the Icon Bar in the Mail Icon at the top of your WhosOffice account and also in the bottom right hand corner of your Dashboard under Company Messages. These Company Alerts also appear on an employees Mobile Application (either iOS or Android) as long as the alert is applied to the user.


  • From the Settings menu, select Company Alert, then Create new Alert.
  • In the space provided enter a Title for the Alert.
  • Below this, you can enter the Start Date and the End Date
  • Then enter your message that you want to appear.

Once you have saved the alert you can then decide which users see the alert, by using the Groups tab on the left. You also have the option here to specify which user roles, within groups can see the alerts, For Example, you may only want the Approvers in Accounts to see this Alert.

There is also the option to distribute the Alert by email to the users specified above. (this is based on the email addresses entered in the system)

Title: Company Alerts
Category: General
Posted: Thursday, 20th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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