Competencies and Skills

A Competency or Skill Level can be created in the system to represent particular qualifications or skills that each of your staff members have, for example Level 4 Engineer, French Speaker etc. Importantly these are then visible on the Work Planner to help you monitor how many of the right people you have at work on any given day.

  • From the Work Menu click Work - Attributes
  • Then click Create New Attribute
  • Use the Type option and select Competency, Skill Level and enter the Name.
  • Click Save.

Here you will be able to setup your different Competencies and then assign them to particular staff members by clicking the Staff Members tab on the left. A Staff Member can either have one or many Competencies.

You can also assign different competencies to staff members by going into their individual record, by doing the following...

  • From the Settings menu click Users
  • Then by using the Search filters to the left find the relevant staff and click on their Name.
  • Then on the left click Employment

Under the Competencies / Skills heading you can allocate the required competencies.

Using the reports tab you can also view a report of the competencies that have been setup and applied to each member of staff, making sure that everyone has been allocated to the correct skill. For more information see the Reports knowledge base article.

Title: Competencies and Skills
Category: Work
Posted: Thursday, 08th Sep 2016
By: Callum Ellis
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